Chanshi was started with one mission: to help you calm and relax, be healthy and happy through the super power of self-adequacy

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Who We Are

Consider Chanshi to be your expanded inner guidance. We're here whenever you need us, wherever you are, to help you feel an abundance of self-adequacy, navigate the world's games successfully, and discover daily happiness and fulfilment.

What We Do

Through time- and experience-backed meditation tools and techniques, Chanshi helps you create life-changing transformations to support your life and find a healthier, happier, calmer, and more relaxed you.

Why We Do It

Seeing the positive impact our methods have on people's lives inspires us every day to continue sharing experience-based tools and techniques rooted in timeless wisdom that have proven effective in bringing authentic and lasting relaxation to people's lives.

The Journey, The Horizon

Our Vision

Enabling each individual to calm & relax, be healthy & happy, to achieve optimal levels of creativity, wellbeing, and self-transcendence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people with the tools & techniques, resources & education they need to build a strong sense of self-adequacy. In doing so, we believe to foster a world where people are happier, healthier, and more credible to take responsibility of their own lives.

Our Philosophy

We understand that the current way of life can leave many of us feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. Nonetheless, we believe that everyone has the entitlement to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling existence. As a result, we are committed to giving individuals with the tools and resources they need to create a strong and enduring sense of self-adequacy, allowing them to experience authentic calmness and relaxation.

Our Story

It was a sunny afternoon in the picturesque town of Tiruvannamalai, in Tamil Nadu, India, our Founder Abhilash Chandramouli had embarked on a spiritual journey that would change his life forever. Under the guidance of an enlightened wandering monk Deva, who belonged to the Chan/Tibetan Buddhism lineage, Abhilash encountered an intense spiritual experience that led him to share spiritual tools, techniques, practices with others. It was the year 2012, and Abhilash's quest was simple yet profound: to find an identity that is not arbitrary, so that one feels adequate by being oneself.
The first meeting of Abhilash with Master Deva was a spiritual rendezvous that changed Abhilash's life forever. Abhilash was visiting the famous Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Temple in Thiruvannamalai when he heard a voice calling "Chanshi". Turning back, he saw Master Deva with his piercing gaze. Abhilash promptly replied, "I'm sorry. I'm not Chanshi," to which Deva responded with a pleasant laugh, "Then, what are you?". Abhilash was unable to respond, struck by the intriguing question and the master's enchanting presence, resulting in a deep silence between the two that lasted for over a minute. Bowing down to Deva, Abhilash said, "I must be Chanshi then, if you say so." For the next 2 and a half years, Abhilash was in touch with Deva, listening to his teachings and implementing the practices that were given to him. Through the loving grace of his master, followed by the unrestrained personal experiences that life brought in, Abhilash developed his own way of sharing his newfound wisdom. Life led him to a certain crystallization that became the seed for him to begin sharing his experiential understandings with others.
Over the years, Abhilash felt a strong inner calling to transfer his spiritual name "Chanshi", to the organization he had earlier founded with his wife, Ms. Darshan Bawa in 2014. This was due to his understanding that an individual should not become crippled by depending on any individual for life, but should instead rely on tools, techniques, and processes to come to her/his inner treasures; be it authentic calmness, relaxation, health or happiness. Following this inner call, he returned to his former identity, Abhilash, and changed the name of his organization to Chanshi. When asked once if he was back to being an ordinary person without his spiritual name anymore, Abhilash responded by saying, "Yes. I'm back to being ordinary. The only difference is that it is an "enriched" ordinariness now." Today, Chanshi is a committed organization that empowers individuals with self-adequacy. Their techniques and tools have helped numerous people find inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Abhilash's teachings and practices continue to inspire people to rely on tools, techniques, and processes rather than a single person, enabling them to live their lives with purpose, authenticity, and intensity.

Meet Our Core Team

Dedicated to Helping You on Your Inner Journey

Darshan Bawa

Darshan Bawa, co-founder at Chanshi, is an artist and social entrepreneur who all the meditation courses and deliverables at Chanshi with clarity, framework, structure and cohesion. She is also the founder at BodhiShishu, a platform for children's social and emotional learning, where she designs and executes fun and effective programs. Darshan is committed to assisting children in establishing a solid foundation in emotional intelligence and providing them with the skills and practices necessary to live happy and productive lives. The sooner we can expose children to meditation, the more beautiful and fulfilling their lives will be, has been her core belief and knowing. Darshan is dedicated to make a good influence on our next generation by using her personal experiences and expertise to assist children grow up with love, consciousness, and inner peace.

Abhilash Chandramouli

Abhilash, the founder of Chanshi, is a man of many roles - a husband, a father, an artist, and an entrepreneur. He is deeply committed to helping others experience 'Satori' and make them arrive at a condition of being rich in self-adequacy, only from which genuine calmness and fulfillment can emerge. Abhilash's background in conventional education enables him to infuse his spiritual teachings with unmatched contextual relevance, so rendering all esoteric ideas tangible. He is easy to relate to since he experientially knows the issues we all face in the modern era.

Swaroop Srinivas

Swaroop's search for fulfillment and happiness took him to many places until he realized the futility of seeking them through external experiences. This insight drove him within, and he feels fortunate to have discovered the authentic spiritual path. Swaroop is ecstatic to be a part of the Chanshi team, in which everyone feels equally accountable for the organization. Swaroop's strength is his ability to embrace new responsibilities and learn new things, which enables him to contribute to a variety of organizational aspects. Swaroop intends to see more people throughout the world benefit from the programs offered by Chanshi, with an understanding that if it happened to him, it can happen to anyone. He views the organization as contributing to society by fostering a world in which individuals are leading a self-adequate and fulfilling lives. One of the main objectives of Chanshi's philosophy is to liberate individuals from everything, including a desperate necessity for an external authoritative guidance. According to Swaroop's personal experience, this is what sets Chanshi unique from other organizations.

David Rogers

Through the practice of yoga and meditation, David discovered a new level of mental clarity and a renewed sense of purpose in life. Witnessing the transformative power of yoga and meditation in his students, he was inspired to share this healing practice with others. As he began teaching, he realized that the most effective teaching comes from the heart, rather than simply focusing on the physical postures. After teaching Bikram Yoga full-time for a decade, he sought to diversify and personalize his practice, discovering the introspective benefits of Ashtanga Yoga. As a teacher, he saw his role as supporting his students' desire to take responsibility for themselves, allowing each posture to serve as a landmark in their personal journey. Through a workshop with Mark Whitwell, he further evolved his approach, realizing that the unitary movement of body, breath, and mind is the nurturing force of life. David describes working with Chanshi as a pleasure due to the organization’s presence, flexibility, and commitment to values, which include respecting the individuality of everyone they work with. Being around the Chanshi team, he feels the immense benefits of meditation practice and is more inspired to continue his own work.He envisions Chanshi as a vital part of a worldwide movement that seeks to transform ancient wisdom into practical tools that empower individuals to be their authentic selves and recognize their interconnectedness with the world, without surrendering to societal pressures. By blending yogic wisdom with social life, Chanshi has made a valuable contribution towards creating a healthier relationship between humans and the creation.

Meet Our Supporting Team

The solidity of our foundation

Sangeeta Gowra





The Heart Of Our Company

Our Culture and Values

Empathy & Compassion

We understand and care about your needs
The ability to connect and understand others' perspectives with a sense of sincerity and warmth. We believe that empathy is not only the foundation of effective communication but also a fundamental aspect of human relationships. That's why when we deliver our meditation courses, we approach it as friends and guides, rather than from a position of authority. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can feel heard, supported, and empowered to embark on your inner journey.

Being & Belonging

We celebrate Individuality and Connection - both
We believe in embracing our unique individuality through our self-paced meditation courses with personalized options, while recognizing that we are all interconnected through community and 1:1 sessions. By celebrating our differences and coming together as a community, we can cultivate a sense of unity and belonging that enriches our personal expansion and collective wellbeing.

Integrity & Authenticity

We welcome a human who is whole, pure and uncorrupted by the past.
Integrity and authenticity are our guiding principles. Not only must we be honest and truthful, but we must also embody our values in every facet of our work. We believe that the optimum method to develop trust and long-lasting partnerships is by being loyal to ourselves and keeping our word. When you choose us, you can be confident that we will always stand behind our commitments and operate with unwavering integrity.

Sustainability & Responsibility

We believe in empowering you to be self-reliant and not making you dependent on us.
At Chanshi, we believe that true sustainability and responsibility go beyond simply being environmentally conscious. We understand that for a tool or process to be truly sustainable, it must empower individuals and communities to become self-adequate. We are committed to providing the best resources and education to help people achieve this state of being, rather than relying on a hero-worship culture. By making conscious and responsible choices, we are creating a sustainable future that benefits people and planet as a whole.

Innovation & Adaptation

We strive to adapt and change in response to new minds
As we constantly innovate the ways in which we communicate ancient tools and techniques, we are acutely aware that context matters. Our goal is to make the content relevant, practical, and contextual, ensuring that our students can easily adapt and change in response to new challenges and opportunities. We understand that traditional teachings may not always fit in with the ever-changing modern world, which is why we take a holistic approach to ensure our students can understand how to apply the tools and techniques in their daily lives. By providing a space for open dialogue, we empower our students to adapt and integrate these teachings in a way that is meaningful to them, ensuring their ability to thrive in the face of change. Our commitment to innovation and adaptation is at the heart of everything we do.

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