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Sangeetha Gowra

Sangeetha has an extensive background in the field of Education. She has facilitated the learning process in various schools and colleges for more than 2 decades. Along with a few friends and colleagues, she also started an alternate school in Bangalore which has its grounding in Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings and vision. She met Abhilash in 2017 who initiated her into Zen. Over this period of time , as the practice continues, she finds her quietness, calm and peace within her, which is experienced through the day and night. She finds this to be beautiful and genuine, which she intends to share with everyone. She facilitates individuals' inner journey at the Chanshi Meditation Center in Bangalore.
Lokesh is an experienced practitioner and advocate of joy and mindfulness. His passion and pursuit are in assisting individuals to strive for and achieve the pinnacles of human potential through grit and creativity. Lokesh brings over three decades of experience in the areas of design thinking and innovation. As an advisor to Chanshi's board, he is in charge of setting the organization's social impact strategy and priorities, keeping an eye on them, and setting its high-level policies. He is also in charge of its overall management.

Lokesh Venkataswamy


Natesh Ullal

Natesh is a documentary filmmaker and film practitioner with thirty years of expertise based in Mangalore. He specializes in video documentation, community television, and workshop facilitation for video creation. "Education, social structures and traditional beliefs have created a fencing all around us. There is a vast creation beyond this fence, which might only seem like a mesmerizing portrait for now. However, We can split open this attractive image and merge ourselves with the reality of its vast existence, only when we become capable to see the various amplitudes and dimensions of the same. In spite of spending most of its life in just feeding itself, what a natural event it is for the caterpillar to be transformed into a butterfly that can fly with grace and freedom. Likewise, it can be as natural for us too, to easily mutate, break-free from the shackles and become one with the vast existence. Chanshi has been aiding this process, through facilitating the right ambience and atmosphere needed for the same", he says.
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